Running Stonnington

Stonnington Council is under steady pressure from the State Government to charge ratepayers more. Why ? because the State government keeps giving less to the Council to provide important  services

Some of these are

  • Health Care - immuisation programs
  • Libraries
  • Home and community care
    And from the Commonwealth
  • Road maintenance Funds

The State raised $1500 million more in taxes last year than it spent and it still wants Councils to raise more from residents to supply their services.

My Policy

To continue providing Stonnington council with sound financial and administrative management and keeping rate rises below CPI.

To continue to ease the burden of costs being shifted to local government from federal and state governments.

with the Federal Treasurer Peter Costello

I have used my contacts at State and Federal levels to lobby for a fairer deal for Stonnington and will continue to push to end "cost shifting". We are winning some of the battles. I want to win more.

Running Stonnington
Stonnington needs to be run on a sound financial lines. With more than 750 council staff it is a big enterprise and making sure it runs effectively means top mangement has to be good and understand the issues.  With a background in business, I take the

Council meets regularly to debate the key issues

time to understand the issues. It  takes a great deal  of reading and consultation with the community to stay on top. It is not just the council meetings, being a councillor is a major commitment to see the council runs effectively and constantly improves.