We look for certain characteristics in our leaders. The willingness to wage the tough battles. The resolve to stand up for their beliefs. The conscience of their convictions. And the ability to get things done.
That has been the way I have worked for you  in StonningtonI

Celebrating 21 years of the Italian Senior Citizens with Councillor Gahan

With the Deputy Mayor of Washington DC

I have represented you first in the  City of Malvern and now in the Armadale Ward of Stonnington. I have been a consistent voice for  Stonnington residents, families and small businesses. I have challenged the directions from Spring Street and fought for what I believes in. And have delivered on my promises to you..

I work effectively with other Councillors whatever their objectives to get things done.
My career at Stonnington has been marked in achievement. I was first elected in 1987 as councillor for the City of Malvern and served through as Mayor 1992 through 1993. I was elected to the City of Stonnington Council in  1999 and served as Mayor from 200 to 2001.

I have lived and worked in Stonnington for more than 20 years. I have raised a family here and know all the joys and responsibilities of parenthood. 

When I am not tending to my Council duties I run a small business - also in Stonnington - so I understand the issues that face them.

My daughters Jane and Helen