You don't want to wake up to a large development next door ?

And I don't think you should. Planning, that is making the rules as to what buildings can be demolished and what kind can be built is a big issue for Stonnington.

We have by and large a lovely and unique suburb and changing it in a dramatic way creates many problems.

My Policy

To maintain Stonnington residential amenity by

a) Making sure that the State Government 2030 plan is compatible with Stonnington municipal strategic statement.

b) Protect the unique heritage of the city, preserving streetscapes and garden character.

 c) Oppose insensitive development and encourage an increase in open space

Unfortunately developers (and the State Government) see the opportunity to build more multi storey dwellings. I have been a strong voice speaking against this.

I will continue to oppose inappropriate development both in the Council
 and in representations to the State Government

The State Government has a plan to increase the number of of multi storey - multi use  dwellings in Stonnington. This is called the "Melbourne 2030" plan. Areas targeted are those within 400 metres of High St/Glenferrie Rd , South Yarra and Chapel St and Chadstone

Also building over all railway lines and stations. That is  South Yarra, Hawksburn  Toorak, Armadale, Malvern  and Prahan and WindsorThe grand plan is on display here The grand plan is on display here 2030online/

And the real details here with pictures 2030online/downloads/technical/tech1 2_sense.pdf