Graffiti is a terrible blight on our streets but one that I am pleased to say we are making some positive progress. And I will do more. Stonnington Council is committed to beautifying and enhancing our City through the eradication of this graffiti vandalism.
Prevention has shown to be better than the cure. Once graffiti is allowed to remain on a property, it doesn't take long for additional graffiti to appear in the same area.
Conversely, a clean and well-maintained surface is less inclined to be subjected to ongoing attacks.
The best solution to the graffiti vandalism problem is to remove graffiti quickly


Why Does Graffiti Appear?
The majority of graffiti is done by graffiti vandals known as "taggers." They are motivated by the need to be recognized. They believe that the more often they write their street signature, or "tag," on public and private property such as on bridges, the more they enhance their respect. The excitement that comes from going something illegal-shoplifting materials or trespassing-and the rebellious nature of their actions also motivate taggers. Others deface public areas to show that they, and not the agency responsible, are in control.
Graffiti vandals like to believe they are outside of the community's social structure and see graffiti as a means of expression.
What can I do?
Remove graffiti immediately and continually from your property. Vandals will learn their time and materials are being wasted and will move to another spot.

Graffiti Program

Private residences and commercial properties are provided with one free clean up from front fences and facades.
Freecall Graffiti Hotline 1800 067 072 to report and arrange removal
Free Graffiti Removal Kit (one per property also available from Council Service Centres)